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YouTube Ads For Action

YouTube Ads

More Than Just Brand Awareness

We have been seeing a shift of digital advertising that was normally known for brand awareness towards direct response campaigns. Recently in the news, Instagram has announced the new shoppable element on their platform. I will be looking at another change that has happened with YouTube for Action and how this will help brands.

YouTube keeps growing.

YouTube has come a long way! Who would have believed when Google purchased YouTube close to 10 years ago now, how video advertising would have evolved in that amount of time

Unless you are paying Google a subscription fee every month, you most likely will see ads appearing before you can watch the latest cat video that everyone is talking about. The numbers for YouTube are staggering:

  • The second biggest search engine after Google with 1 billion active users
  • 50 million of these users regularly upload video content on to the platform
  • Over 1 billion hours watched daily
  • 18 – 34 olds are watching more on YouTube than on TV in the US

Why Do Companies Advertise on YouTube?

To the everyday user, the ads we see on YouTube could be viewed as an irritancy. However, for brands this a massive opportunity where they can reach target audiences at scale and in a format, which is hard for them to ignore.

YouTube advertising can be targeted using the following criteria:

  • Placement – Channels
  • Topics
  • Demographics
  • Audiences – from hobbies to life events.
  • Location

This is the beauty of YouTube, you can be a lot surer you are placing your brand in front of the right audience, rather than choosing ad spots where you must make a lot more assumptions about your audience, whilst also being unable to rule out wasted viewers like kids or other unsuitable audiences.

Types of YouTube Ads:

There are a few types of ways to advertise on YouTube.

  • Non-skippable ads also known as pre-roll ads.

These types of ads are what say what on the tin really, they are ads that are not skippable which can appear at the beginning or middle of a video. The middle ads tend to appear on video content that is 10 minutes or longer.

  • Discovery Ads (Used to be known as In- Display Ads)

Discovery Ads show up on the homepage of YouTube or after the search results page. These ads can also appear as a related video on the sidebar. These tend to be videos either related to closely related to the video the user is watching or looking to watch.

  • TrueView Ads

The most common ways of advertising on YouTube have been TrueView Ads.

TrueView ads are the skippable ads which appear at the beginning of YouTube videos. This is a great way of building engagement plus they are low risk as you only get charged when someone watches the whole video or first 30s without skipping, whichever comes first

What is the new feature?

  • TrueView For Actions

TrueView for Action videos will have banners with a CTA during the video as well as CTA seen below of “Get Quote” after the ad has finished.

TrueView for Action has been designed for advertisers who want to drive a particular action from the user after seeing the ad. This could be visiting the website, filling in an enquiry form or even buying the product/service.

Video ads will be served like traditional TrueView, however with a call to action to encourage viewers to complete the desired action, therefore giving the advertiser greater ability to drive the viewer to a specific intended goal.

Why is this beneficial?

YouTube traditionally has been as a place to increase brand awareness and brands such as Kellogg’s have been quoted to be spending close to 70% of their advertising budgets on the channel.

While brand awareness is no doubt important, it can often be hard to measure if a campaign on YouTube has had a direct impact on increasing sales of products or services. Adding actionable CTA’s is a welcome addition, allowing brands to be clearer on the action they would like viewers to take after viewing the ad on the channel and measure performance against these metrics.

Who will it benefit?

This will benefit brands campaigns with a direct response focus, who would perhaps in the past not have considered YouTube as part of the channel mix.

This will also be beneficial for companies that have been most reliant on PPC search campaigns, as they can test if they can get visitors or conversion cheaper via YouTube ads compared to search campaigns, which over have seen CPCs in most markets increase year on year due to the high level of competition.

Google has also introduced Smart Bidding to these campaigns for so brands can try to achieve a particular goal such as CPA or Maximise Clicks similar to search/display campaigns.

Why is Video Advertising Great?

Video advertising is great as it gives the brand a way of show visuals of products or service that may be hard to describe for example such as search campaigns where you are limited for characters to describe the product plus other features.

It is also a great way of showing a product or service being used in an everyday situation such as Adidas trainers being used in the gym.

Moving Towards Direct Response?

The new feature of TrueView For Action is will be a great way of doing video advertising on YouTube for direct response campaigns as these will follow criteria that is required for successful DR campaigns:

  • Trackable
  • Measurable
  • Targeted
  • Makes a specific offer
  • Clearly outlines the benefits
  • Has a clear call-to-action
  • Personalised

How to Get Started?

To create YouTube ads, it is simple. Ensure you have your ads upload to YouTube, and you use the same platform, as you use for other PPC ads, Google Ads to create the relevant campaigns.

Key thing is to ensure your YouTube channel and your Google Ads account are linked, so you can get the relevant data you need to see how the ads are performing.

If you would like help with YouTube ads, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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