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8 ways to improve your Content Marketing

Your content marketing efforts include any assets that you have created and shared as a business. So, this could be anything from visual content on Instagram, info-graphics on your website, blogging or even audio such as videos and podcasts. All of your shared content will be contributing to the success of your brand – which is why it’s so important.

Whether you are just getting started or you simply want to improve the results you’re getting from existing content – we’ve got some tips that should help to boost your engagement and lead your closer towards your digital marketing goals. 

1.Determine your goals

This might sound obvious – but having your goals set in stone before you begin producing content is a crucial step in any digital marketing campaign. It’s essential to spend some time discussing your primary goals with your team and establishing the results that matter the most to your business. If you want to drive real results, you can’t count on content without a solid plan. Some examples of common digital marketing objectives include:

  • Increased site traffic
  • More conversions
  • Brand awareness

Once you’ve determined your overall objective for your digital content, you’ll be able to create content that is driving value for both you and your audience. For example, you might want to create a blog that will answer a typical search query within your target audience – and therefore lead more valuable visitors to your site. 

2. Understand your target audience

 Likely, you’re already producing content that is targeted towards a specific group of people – whether you’ve based this on age, demographics, interests or online behaviour. However, unless you’ve taken the time to understand your target customer – it’s unlikely that your content will be grabbing their attention. So, how can you ensure the right people see your content? Well, we suggest creating a customer persona.

A customer persona is essentially a profile that represents your ideal customer. Whether your writing copy, posting on social media or blogging – you’ll benefit from creating your own profile. The persona might not be the same for each asset your sharing – you’ll likely be targeting a slightly different audience depending on where you’re placing your content. 

 When writing for your audience, keep your content relevant to the industry you’re in and focus on how your business can provide a product or service to help solve a query. Your persona will also help you to identify the appropriate tone of voice, messaging and format for your content. Feel free to contact our London based agency if you want some help creating your own customer profile.

3. Consider the length of your blogs

As a digital marketing agency, we find that longer content tends to get much more attention from both search engines and consumers. Generally, the longer a blog post, the more likely it is to rank well on Google. However, this doesn’t mean you should be filling a page with ’empty’ content – it just means you should know enough information on your chosen topic. So, why do the longer blog posts tend to produce better results? Here are a few reasons: 

  • You’re able to share more valuable information with your audience.
  • You can naturally incorporate more keywords and therefore have more SEO friendly content. 
  • You can gain more authority.  

 4. Try guest posting 

 Are you confident that you are producing great content, but still not driving enough viewers? This is a common hurdle faced by most content writers, especially for those targeting a niche audience. Guest posting is a crucial part of any content marketing strategy because it is a way of reaching out to a wider audience.

Ideally, you’ll be posting your content on a reputable, relevant and high-quality site – meaning your new audience will be valuable to your business. Think of it this way – a solid content marketing strategy will bring benefits such as:

  • Established authority and credibility in your industry 
  • Increased brand exposure 
  • Driving targeted, valuable traffic

Through guest posting, you’ll be able to meet these objectives faster, by reaching out to a pre-qualified audience. Each of these goals will fast-track your business towards your digital marketing goals.

Guest blogging can also help you to rank higher on SERP (search engine results pages) because more backlinks, means more recognition. We suggest taking some time to find high-quality sites within your niche – which will likely lead to a boost in your search engine rankings. 

5. Consider a mailing list

 Email is still a powerful digital marketing channel that could be worth leveraging if you’re not driving enough results. The great thing about email marketing – is the ability to speak directly to your audience. 

We suggest using your email list to share exclusive content . The idea is that your subscribers should feel as if they are really going to benefit from being opted in. They have willingly decided to communicate with your business – meaning they will be a guaranteed list of people who might be interested in any news, offers, promotions or discounts. 

 If you’re struggling to receive enough subscribers through your blog, you could consider using your other digital marketing channels to boost awareness. For example, companies may find that their social media following is more impressive than their blog traffic. If this is the case for you, consider driving signups through Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram. We suggest using an incentive, such as exclusive content or a special promotion. For example, “Subscribe now to access free delivery.”

6. Find your brand voice

If you’ve already started producing regular content – then it’s likely you’ve established a brand voice. However, it’s important to keep checking how well you’re performing throughout any content campaign to ensure your chosen brand voice is producing the best possible results. For example, you might find that you’ll be better off using a slightly different voice when your writing on Twitter rather than on your blog.

 Your brand voice refers to how you communicate with your audience, including everything from vocabulary to your rhythm and pace. It’s a crucial part of your digital marketing performance because your voice is essentially defining your personality. The benefits of having a solid brand voice include:

  • Stronger relationships
  • A sense of trust between you and your audience
  • Expressing the unique personality of the people that make up your brand
  • Reminding your audience that you are human!

We’ve got a blog providing our top tips for creating your own brand voice, so feel free to read more about that here.

7. Use social sharing buttons

Social media has become a valuable part of most brand’s digital marketing strategies. One quick and simple way of potentially increasing your traffic is by adding in social sharing buttons on your website pages and blog posts. We suggest a prominently placed and visually attractive button that will allow your viewers to share your page on their own social media platform. 

You can also include a specific CTA at the end of a relevant blog, i.e. asking viewers to share your content on social media with their followers. This may be more effective companies who are discussing ‘trending’ topics. So, if you find that you’re not receiving any social shares due to your industry or topics, you could consider adding in specific quotes that are ‘tweetable’ – as opposed to asking users to share an entire page.

  8. Take your time

While it can be tempting to quickly produce as much content as possible in hope of grabbing the attention of more users – it is important to remember that it is all about quality over quantity. Becoming an established voice in your industry can take time – but producing valuable, interesting and high-quality content will provide you with more shares and much more impressive long-term results.

If you want our team of digital marketers to help you improve your digital content game – then feel free to get in touch.

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