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How to set up Facebook video ads that drive results

We recently shared a blog explaining how you can use video content to grab and more importantly, maintain viewers attention on different platforms – one of these being Facebook.

If you use Facebook, then you’ve probably noticed the ever-increasing number of videos being used for digital marketing purposes. This is because Facebook video ads are a great way for businesses to show off brand personality and create a better connection with their audience.

We’ve put together this handy guide to help you understand more about using video ads on Facebook – and how you use them to reach your digital marketing goals.

Why run Facebook video ads?

Facebook video ads tend to be the best way to capture viewers’ attention an ensure they recognise your brand. Ideally, a good and strategic video will not just lead to engagement on Facebook, but also drive traffic to your site and other social media platforms. We’re going to go into a bit more detail about the benefits of video PPC on Facebook.

What are the benefits of Facebook video ads?

Facebook users enjoy video content

Generally, in digital marketing, video content tends to perform well with users on social media. This is probably because of the nature of social networking – it’s meant to be fun, entertaining and easy for users to navigate. So, using video ads on the appropriate channel such as Facebook, is likely to bring you closer to the right audience.

You can connect to users who are already interested in the type of media you’re sharing – meaning you’ll be sharing your video with the right people, in the right place.

Facebook video ads are flexible

While text ads are also effective – you may want to consider video ads for a creative, more personal message. You can decide whether to create a video in-house or with a professional videographer. You can also use an existing video and upload this as an ad through the platform.

Once you’ve uploaded your ad to Facebook, you’ll have options when it comes to your description, budget, thumbnail and your targeted audience. One main pro of video advertising on Facebook is that it provides digital marketers the option to choose CPI (cost-per-impression). This is a way of having more control over how you are paying for your ad.

Video often means more conversions

We mentioned the opportunity to drive more traffic to your site and other social platforms. Well, once this happens – you’re also a lot more likely to increase your conversions. It’s no surprise that video content tends to perform better when it comes to the number of shares. Video’s require a lack of effort from viewers and can lead to big results for advertisers.

The number of times a video is shared or reacted to – comes down to how well it connects with the consumer. We recommend creating videos that will answer common customer queries. For example, you might want to show your products being used by real people or demonstrating how something works. By doing this and adding in your brand’s personality – you’re more than likely to gain the trust of a viewer.

A combination of emotional connection and word-of-mouth on social media is essentially leading you towards more customers, and therefore more conversions.

Video ads offer precise targeting

Any successful digital marketing campaign will need an effective strategy and a clear target audience. One of the great things about Facebook video advertising is the ability to target a specific, niche audience through Facebook advertising settings.

Facebook collects valuable data and insights about those who are viewing your content and interacting with your page. You can then use this data to target only those users who are likely to be interested in your video and complete your desired action.

Facebook is a cost-effective platform

PPC (pay-per-click) in general is a useful marketing channel for both small and large businesses. This is largely because it offers flexibility around budget and expenses – and Facebook video is no exception.

You have the option to utilise the ’10 second viewing feature’. This means that you’ll only pay for a view if the user watches your video for 10 seconds or more. This means you will only be paying for users who are likely to be interested in your content and therefore much more likely to take this further by visiting your site or getting in touch. This also helps with targeting because you’ll be able to categorise your most valuable viewers and retarget them going forward.

How to create successful Facebook Video Ads

Now we know more about the benefits of Facebook video ads – it’s important that we explain how to utilise the platform to get the most benefits. We’ve highlighted the best practices for businesses and advertisers to consider when putting together a video ad campaign on Facebook:

Keep your video concise

We suggest keeping your videos short and simple. Facebook users are likely to be inundated with a lot of content – and you don’t have long to capture their attention whilst they scroll. Using a video that is easy to understand is more likely to make users stick around and find out more.

Front-load your ads with the important information first

This might sound obvious, but it’s unlikely users will watch a video if they don’t understand the value of your product or service straight away. We suggest starting off with your main message and revealing why your business is important.

Stick to a theme

You might be tempted to overload a video with information about your product and how it works. However, we suggest focusing on a single theme in one video to avoid losing the point or focus of your ad.

Make it personal

What do you know about your target audience and how can you use this in your video? For example, think about any previous queries or worries – how can you address these in your ad? Or, if you know your audience are interested in a topic – focus on this to show you understand them. Appealing to a Facebook user’s emotions in a short amount of time, is likely to make a long-lasting connection.

Consider using a video ad without sound

When a user scrolls on Facebook, video ads will usually start playing immediately. So, it’s really important that you don’t rely on sound to grab your user’s attention. Instead, try to use creative textual clues and captions whenever you can. Creating videos that work with or without sound is providing users with different ways to interact with your ad.

Include a call-to-action

Any digital marketing campaign or PPC ad will have an end-goal. You could have a great video, but without a CTA, you might not achieve your objective. Try to make sure your video is ending with a clear and strong tagline. For example “Visit our site to find out more” or “See how it works on our site”. A CTA is essentially helping to guide a viewer towards the next step in your campaign. This could be anything from visiting your site and making a purchase, to simply getting in touch with you.

What next?

If you have any questions about how you can use video advertising on Facebook – don’t hesitate to get in touch with our London-based team here.

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