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Clutch names Summon as one of the UK’s Top Advertising Firms 2021

The advertising industry can sometimes turn into the wild west since there really isn’t a rulebook on how to do things. What might be the best practices today will be outdated tomorrow, and people always think of out of the box ways to bend what’s possible.

This is why companies often seem to be at a loss when deciding whether a campaign is worth pursuing. That’s why we always provide our partners with a plan. It gives everyone a clear direction and our client a solid criteria to judge our work.

Apparently, our clients really like the idea of actually having a plan because they helped us become one of 2021’s top advertising agencies in the UK.

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Clutch is an online reviews and ratings platform that uses a unique verification process that ensures all of the content on their website comes from legitimate sources. They create their 2021 list of the best performing businesses from each industry using the reviews that are written on their platform.

The fact that we got this award means that a lot of our other past partners wrote five-star reviews for us on the Clutch website. This is the best kind of recognition because it comes from the very people we wanted to help and get approval from. This is what our director said when we confirmed the news.

“We are delighted to have been chosen as one of Britain’s advertising & marketing agencies, we are proud to be recognised by our clients for our hard work and we’ll continue to keep client needs as our key focus as we continue to grow” Paul Henderson. Managing Director.

We’d like to thank everyone who left a review on Clutch for us as this wouldn’t be possible without them taking the time to write about their experiences working with us. If you want to know exactly what they felt while working on the projects, get in touch with our team today.