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Facebook add 3 new ways to make money with Pages video content

Facebook will be adding 3 new ways to make money from video content on the platform. To earn money from video on Facebook, your business Page has to meet a specific set of criteria. 

The update will help content creators to drive more profit through things like:

  • Earning revenue from short-form videos.
  • Making it easier for content creators to earn revenue from viewer contributions.
  • Expanding eligibility to more creators.

Let’s take a look at these changes in some more detail:

1. In-Stream Ad Eligibility

More Facebook Pages will be able to drive revenue from their videos with ads. Currently, Facebook has different sets of requirements for each type of video.

Facebook are making some changes to these requirements and user eligibility for in-stream advertising. In-stream ads are the ads shown before, during or after a video.

Facebook Pages previously only considered regular video uploads over three minutes long in its eligibility requirements. The platform will now also consider shorter video uploads, live streams and live stream recordings. 

 Facebook Pages will now be eligible to run in-stream ads if they have achieved:

  • 600,000 total minutes viewed in the last 60 days – This can include on demand live videos, regular video uploads and recordings of live streams.
  • At least 5 active video uploads – This can be previously Live videos or on-demand.
  • Must have at least 10,000 followers

This update means that more videos will be eligible for in-stream ads, allowing more creators to monetize from a variety of video content. 

2. Earn money from shorter videos

Facebook Pages can now drive revenue from videos as short as just one minute. Previously, videos had to be 3 minutes or longer to be monetized and run ads. We can now run a 30-second ad as Facebook has granted this as ‘minimally interruptive’. 

Videos above 3 minutes can also include mid-roll ads which are shown during the video. It’s also worth noticing that now, these mid-roll ads can be shown after 45 seconds into the video (as opposed to 1 minute).

3. Earn money directly from viewers with Stars

Facebook Stars is a feature that allows creators to monetise their streams. Stars is a form of digital currently that Facebook users can buy (with real money) and send to creators while they’re streaming a video. When creators receive these Stars, they will earn a share of the revenue.

When the update rolls out and Pages are eligible to run ads in live streams, they’ll also be able to earn money with Stars. Facebook is in fact expanding the eligibility for Stars to 15 more countries. 

Facebook is also going to test the ability for non-live videos to earn Stars over the next few weeks. 

How to check your eligibility 

You can check whether your Page is eligible for these monetization methods in the Facebook Creator Studio. You can also apply for the programs in Creator Studio.

We expect to see Facebook gradually accepting more Pages that meet the new criteria over the next few months.

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