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How to improve your Google Ads click-through rate

A higher click-through rate can improve your quality score and lower your cost per click (CPC). But how can you improve your CTR without overspending on Google Ads?

Firstly, what is click-through rate (CTR)?

Your click-through rate or CTR is the ratio of clicks to impressions.An impression is gained when your PPC ad appears on the SERP (search engine results page) and a click is gained when somebody clicks on your ad and through to your landing page. CTR is the percentage of people who see your ads vs who clicks through to your landing page. Read more on how to calculate your CTR here.

Why does CTR matter?

CTR is an often misunderstood PPC metric, because although a high CTR improves your overall quality score, you are paying for each click.

A high CTR is a good sign that your PPC ad copy is engaging and appealing to your audience. Another advantage of a high CTR is that the Google Ads algorithm essentially rewards higher quality ads with higher positions on SERP and lower cost per clicks (CPC). This is because Google wants the ads that are likely to succeed, to be the most accessible. 

Quality score is impacted by multiple factors, including the relevance of your PPC ad, the relevance of the landing page to the PPC keyword, on-site experience, and your expected CTR. According to Google, you can score an average, above average, or below average expected CTR for each PPC keyword.

With this in mind, the higher your CTR, the higher your expected CTR, and therefore…the higher your quality score.

A high conversion rate is key

Now, remember you’re paying per click, so it is important that as many of those clicks as possible are high quality and valuable. It’s very unlikely each click is going to convert, so a high CTR is actually a bad thing if you have a low conversion rate. A high CTR without the conversions means you are paying for clicks that aren’t contributing to a positive ROI. In short, your goal should be to drive the highest possible ‘qualified’ CTR.

How to improve click-through rate in Google Ads

There are many approaches you can take when trying to improve your click-through rate. We’ve outlined just a few key tactics below:

1. Target highly relevant keywords

Whilst this sounds obvious, making sure you’re targeting the right PPC keywords is essential. There are specific keyword types in PPC that focus on driving a higher CTR:

  • Commercial intent keywords: These are the search terms people use when they intend to purchase. On the other hand, you have informational keywords such as “what is…” that generally result in lower conversions.
  • Local keywords: Local searchers are important as they often have high intent to purchase. Target people who are nearby to your product or service.

2. Add negative keywords

Negative keywords are just as important when it comes to keeping your CTR in check. Negative PPC keywords are any search terms that you don’t want your ad to appear for. Adding and updating your negative PPC keyword lists can help to make sure your ad isn’t showing for people who are unlikely to click/convert.

3. Optimise your PPC ad copy

Bidding on the wrong keywords can often lead to a low CTR, but ad copy is also important. In many cases, you could significantly improve your CTR and conversion volume by writing better ad copy. These are some of our top tips for writing strong ad copy that improves ROI:

Keep it simple 

Most people are looking for a quick answer when browsing. It is best to keep your PPC ads as simple as possible, making sure they communicate an effective message at a quick glance. Here’s how:

  • Include the targeted keyword in the headline and description, but don’t repeat it 
  • Avoid trying to reach the character count if you don’t actually need to
  • Use plain language that reads easily

Get in touch with our PPC agency if you need help improving your paid search ad copy.

Always have a call to action (CTA)

Using your PPC ad copy to tell users that you have an answer to their problem is important, but getting users to act on this is key. For best results, we recommend reinforcing a product feature or benefit within the CTA, for example “Start Saving Today” or “Speak to An Expert Now”. 

Include a special offer in your headline

It is common to include a special offer or promotion in your ad description. But adding this in your PPC ad headlines can help to guarantee it is the first thing a searcher spots and reads – plus, numbers always tend to perform well in ad copy.

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