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How to optimise an evergreen PPC campaign

Evergreen PPC campaigns can run throughout the year without the need for constant updates and edits, but today we’re going to look at how to continue benefiting and driving leads from your evergreen PPC campaigns – for longer.

An evergreen PPC ad should contain your core targeted keywords. These are keywords that are highly relevant/common to your business, industry or product. These PPC campaigns usually have steady search demand throughout the year, but they may have the occasional sales spike. 

What is the difference between a PPC ad, and an evergreen PPC ad? 

A non-evergreen PPC ad will likely relate to a current trend. This could include new information, tools, or a trending topic that is going to drive consumer attention. For example, a retailer promoting a new winter collection, or a cosmetics brand targeting a trending beauty product. 

A non-evergreen ad will often also have a limited-time offer, for example, discounted price or shipping price. This could mean your PPC copy will include your offer; “Free Delivery Today” etc. 

On the other hand, an evergreen ad will focus on a more timeless topic. This could mean general information about your business, service or product that doesn’t really change throughout the year. These ads may be less striking in comparison to sales ads, but are still useful to promote your business, especially to first-time customers. 

Why create an evergreen PPC ad? 

Whilst seasonal ads are often more targeted, there are certainly a lot of perks to creating evergreen ads. We’ve listed a few of the benefits below: 

1. Attract more leads 

A high-quality, core ‘evergreen’ ad running constantly will help you to drive more leads throughout the year. 

2. Stand out amongst the competition

An evergreen PPC ad means you are able to consistently bid on highly relevant brand-related keywords. This can help you to be more visible in SERPs (search engine results pages), and therefore drive more site visitors. 

3. Higher engagement  

Evergreen content can drive more engagement over time, and you could use the results of these ads to determine which copy performs the best amongst your competitors. A strong evergreen ad is also likely to resonate and appeal to first-time customers. 

How to boost an evergreen PPC campaign 

Whilst evergreen ads won’t need constant edits, they can sometimes benefit from being optimised to make sure they’re not simply running in the background without driving any clicks. 

We’ve listed 4 ways to boost an evergreen PPC campaign to make sure it’s driving results for your business and leading customers to your site. 

Shock the algorithm 

‘Shocking’ the algorithm is essentially a way to push the algorithm to work harder. According to Google, these are some optimisation tactics you can focus on to keep the algorithm working hard. 

  • Add conversion actions. 
  • Update your bid strategy. 
  • Create new PPC keywords 
  • Change your PPC ad copy.

“You might tweak your ad creative, improve your landing page, or design a better mobile shopping experience on your retail site. All these optimisations will help an automated bidding algorithm perform even better.” 

Whilst you don’t have to do all of these things to ‘shock the algorithm’, doing one or two of these simple changes can help to send new information to the algorithm for it to work with. This can work whether you tweak your ad creative, update your landing page or change your copy etc.

Implement offline conversion tracking 

Another way to shock the algorithm and essentially breathe some life into a static campaign is to implement offline conversion tracking (OCT).

Offline conversions are important because sometimes, a PPC ad will not drive users directly to making a purchase. However, the ad still may lead the customer down the right path which will lead to a sale in the offline world (i.e., on the phone or in a physical location like a shop or office). 

Importing offline conversions means you will be able to measure what happens in the offline world, once somebody sees your online ad. By providing Google with the relevant additional information about your customers, you’ll be able to track sales further down the funeral, from campaigns that may have been running for a long period of time. 

Highlight benefits and features in your copy 


Why should people click your PPC ad? Focusing on the general benefits of your product can increase clicks to your site. Add relevant keywords so that your PPC ad has more chances of popping up when customers search for your targeted keywords. 


Set your business apart by highlighting your product, services and features in your ad copy – and be sure to address their solutions. 

Get in touch 

The world of PPC is constantly changing – and your campaigns should be too. Evergreen PPC campaigns are strong drivers of clicks and conversions, and taking the time to apply some of these tactics could help to boost your ROI even further. 

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