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SEO is a complex area of digital marketing, which can’t just be learnt by reading guidelines or following tutorials. Any successful brand will have an effective SEO strategy in place. With the ever-rising competition and multiple companies aiming to rank highly in search engines – it’s no surprise it can be quite a challenge to get right. This is why it is so important that...
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YouTube Ads More Than Just Brand Awareness We have been seeing a shift of digital advertising that was normally known for brand awareness – now going towards direct response campaigns. Recently in the news, Instagram has announced the new shoppable element on their platform. Therefore, I’ll be looking at another change that has happened, but with YouTube for Action. Potentially, YouTube ads could be a...
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 Are Google Ads taking our control away? You may have seen the recent news that Google is sunsetting average position at the end of the year, which is a huge change and has had a lot of coverage in the last few days. Those in the industry have always accepted that average position alone isn’t the perfect metric, there’s a great piece on this I read a...
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