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Search ads
Previously known as DoubleClick Search, Search Ads 360 (SA360) is Google’s advanced search management platform – designed to make it easier for businesses to manage their PPC campaigns across multiple media channels, ad accounts and search engines. There are a variety of benefits you’ll notice when using Search Ads 360. When used effectively it will improve the overall performance of your ad campaigns, whilst being...
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Google Quality Score
Having a clear understanding of how PPC and ‘quality score’ works can help you meet your business goals and drive much more relevant traffic to your site – there are quite a few different questions to be answered, so, here we’ve broken down the basics: Google measures your quality score on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest – it’s a rating based...
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Digital content marketing is a crucial part of your brand’s overall marketing performance and your online image. It is important to work with a content agency who will know how to use it to meet your business aims. Your content refers to any of the online assets your company are sharing either on-site or off-site. It should generate valuable traffic to your website. Content marketing...
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Responsive Search Ads
Improving Ads Using Responsive Search Ads One of the most critical tasks for us as a PPC Agency is to improve quality scores in order to reach our goals as cheaply as possible. We do this by working on the factors influencing quality scores. One of the important factors affecting quality score is click-through rate (CTR): the higher the CTR the more chance there is...
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SEO is a complex area of digital marketing, which can’t just be learnt by reading guidelines or following tutorials. Any successful brand will have an effective SEO strategy in place. With the ever-rising competition and multiple companies aiming to rank highly in search engines – it’s no surprise it can be quite a challenge to get right. This is why it is so important that...
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