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A call-to-action (CTA) is a way of engaging a potential customer and linking them directly towards your digital marketing goal. They can be used to draw attention to different types of conversions – which might be signing up to a mailing list, completing a purchase or getting in touch.  What is a call-to-action, and why do you need one?  It is the point at which...
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Creating a great PPC campaign structure will support different areas of your account and generally improve your digital marketing performance. There’s no doubt that how you form your structure is one of the most crucial steps in PPC – but there are many ways you can do it. We’ve created this how-to guide to give you some top tips and help you create the best...
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Any successful PPC campaign starts with a well-formed strategy. Depending on your goals, you’ll benefit from a specific PPC method or a combination of more than one. So, the first thing you’ll need to think about is what you are hoping to achieve, which could be anything from: Brand awarenessLeadsIncreased trafficSalesRepeat sales Understanding your audience Having a grasp of your target audience, including information such...
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You might have already read our blog post on the different ad extensions available in Google Ads; including sitelinks. Sitelinks are versatile and can be a very effective way of improving the performance of your PPC ads. They are used to lead users to a specific page on your site and can be displayed depending on your targeted device and your ad rank. At Summon,...
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Remarketing is often referred to as retargeting – it’s a way of connecting with people through your digital campaigns who have previously shown an interest in your brand, service or product. A tracking code is used to place cookies on users browsers. It works by tracking the actions of your site visitors and then building audience lists who you can target with the relevant ad....
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