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Advanced PPC Strategies for Wendy Wu Tours

Enhancing Performance Through Focused Goal-Setting and Data-Driven Automation


Revenue57% growth ('24 v '19)
Engagement40% increased in engagements metrics

Strategic Execution of PPC Campaigns

At Summon Digital, our approach for Wendy Wu Tours in both the UK and Australia centred on maximising PPC campaign effectiveness by meticulously focusing on the right goals and leveraging data-driven insights to enhance targeting precision.

Custom Engagement Goals

Understanding the nuances of the customer journey, we developed a series of custom engagement goals that served as key performance indicators. These goals were strategically designed to capture varying levels of customer intent, from initial interest to near-purchase behaviours, ensuring that our campaigns targeted potential travellers at critical decision-making stages.

Precision Targeting with Data-Driven Insights

By integrating advanced analytics and customer data, we continuously refined our targeting strategies. This involved not just demographic or geographic data, but deep behavioural insights that allowed us to identify and engage with segments more likely to convert. This precise targeting ensured that our ads reached the right audience, driving higher engagement and conversion rates.

Feeding Search Engines with Quality Engagement Data

A cornerstone of our strategy was the emphasis on feeding high-quality engagement data into search engines. This approach ensured that platforms like Google could optimise their systems to identify similar customers who exhibited the highest potential for conversion. By continuously refining the data inputs, we improved the platforms’ ability to perform real-time bidding and ad placement, driving more efficient spends and better ROI.

Collaborative Goal Setting

Working closely with Wendy Wu Tours, we ensured that the engagement goals were aligned with their broader business objectives. This collaborative process allowed us to adjust our strategies in alignment with real-time market feedback and changes in consumer behaviour, maintaining agility in our campaign management.

Through a focused strategy that emphasised the right engagement goals and leveraged data-driven automation, we significantly enhanced the digital marketing performance for Wendy Wu Tours in both the UK and Australia. This approach not only improved sales outcomes but also deepened understanding of the customer journey, enabling more nuanced and effective marketing tactics. Our efforts resulted in a robust ROI, cementing the success of our comprehensive PPC strategies in the competitive travel market.

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    I’ve worked with them on several projects – and they’ve been great; I’d definitely use them again and again, and have (and will continue) to recommend them to others. Very knowledgeable, well connected and easy to deal with.

    Mark Yemm
    Head of Special Projects, Lumo/Vertical Aeorspace
  • Since Summon took over the account we have seen a positive impact on conversion rate and all PPC metrics. They are great at talking through optimisation and keep us up to date with all new technology. Our display campaigns are also much more granular, targeting the right consumer at the right stage of their journey.

    Vickie Metcalfe
    Digital & Website Manager, Mark Warner
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    Paul and team have gone above and beyond to listen to and interpret our needs around paid and organic search, and are always responsive, professional and collaborative

    Erinn Collier
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    Laurie MacKay
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  • We are delighted with the contribution from the team, thorough, great communication and most importantly vastly improved results. The reports provide clear analysis of activity and have allowed us to better analyse our marketing approach as a whole and prioritise budgets to deliver the maximum return

    Nigel Borg Cardona
    Owner, Chevron Air Holidays
  • Reliable & efficient service
    Paul and the team are reliable and efficient with their management, always reporting and ensuring we’re optimising on our accounts.

    Esme Rice
    Marketing Manager. The GOAT Agency

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