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PPC Agency London

PPC (pay per click) is a cost-effective digital marketing method which can be applied to Google, Bing, social media, sites and apps. With PPC, we can target users based on their online behaviour, search habits, demographics and interests.

Using precise targeting methods, your ads will be strategically placed in front of specific users – meaning each click is highly likely to add value to your business. The type of campaign related questions you can expect us to answer include:

  • How can you measure campaign performance across platforms? 
  • How will the management of your PPC campaign affect other digital marketing channels?
  • Which type of strategy and campaign is right for your business?

When working with us – you will be working with a team of Google Ads and PPC experts. You will have control over how much you spend on each campaign and will know, in detail, which clicks are driving results for your business. Our vast experience allows us to help you navigate channels, create a strategy that works and drive the kind of traffic that maximises return on investment.

Our PPC marketing services

We take the time to get to know you, the industry you’re in and the results you want to achieve from your PPC campaigns. From there, we’ll put together an actionable strategy using a channel mix that will give you the best ROI:

Paid search

Whether you’re running a paid search campaign on Google or Bing, we can help you achieve long-term results and top positions by placing strategic search ads in front of users who are actively looking for your product. 


Retargeting is a way of reaching out to users who have shown an interest in your brand, product or service but didn’t complete a conversion. You can also reach out to previous customers who might be interested in a second purchase – for example by offering a discount or another promotion. 


YouTube is the second largest search engine today – with over 1 billion users in total – making it a great place to advertise your brand. Pay per click ads can appear before, during or after a video – and you also have the option of displaying your ad within search results or recommended videos. 

YouTube ads have a skippable format – meaning that any user who watches for a specific amount of time is more than likely to have a genuine interest in your brand. You could be benefitting from introducing YouTube advertising to your next PPC campaign- just contact our PPC agency London & we can help you get started!

Shopping Ads

Our team of experts offer display advertising as a cost-effective way of putting your brand in front of a large and valuable audience. You can display text, image or video ads on third-party sites which can be selected depending on how relevant and beneficial they are to your business. 

Display Ads

Our team of experts offer display advertising as a cost-effective way of putting your brand in front of a large and valuable audience. You can display text, image or video ads on third-party sites which can be selected depending on how relevant and beneficial they are to your business. 

Mobile app ads

Most of us rely on apps to deliver a service each day – making them a prime place to display your pay per click ads. Mobile apps are able to collect first-party data meaning we can easily target users who fit into your ideal customer profile and are likely to convert. 

In-app functions also allow us to access geo-location data so that we can reach the right users, at the right time. Our PPC company can help you reach your most valuable customers through mobile PPC campaigns.

How could PPC benefit you?

If you’re new to PPC then you have yet to experience the host of benefits that come with the channel. PPC gives us the ability to place ads in front of a valuable audience within minutes of a campaign launch. What other benefits can you expect?

Powerful data

There’s an incredible amount of insight to be gained from in-depth marketing data – and you’ll struggle to find any digital marketing platform that offers your business quite so much data as PPC. For every advert you run, you’ll see costs, views, clicks, visits, conversions and much more.

Twinned with the right site analysis tools, you’ll quickly understand what’s working for your pay per click campaigns, what has the potential to work in other digital marketing areas – and what’s returning a meaningful profit for your company.

What’s more, quickly responding to this data can see a good campaign turn into an outstanding PPC advertising campaign. Our PPC and Google Ads experts will be sure to provide you with the data that really matters.

Quick market entry

PPC is incredibly time efficient – so it is great for quick results. Building the foundations and infrastructure for an effective SEO campaign is a task that you measure in weeks and months. Whereas getting into your desired market with a PPC campaign is more likely to be measured in days or even hours – especially when working with PPC and bid management pros!

Few businesses are in the position to sit and wait for results for a prolonged period of time – so when your time is of the essence, pay per click can be your new marketing best friend. Contact our London agency if you’re looking for quick but valuable results.

Exceptional targeting

It may be broad, it may be narrow – but you’ve almost certainly got a target audience in mind for your products or services.

What if you could take that targeting even deeper? When you want PPC to work for your business, you can focus your targeting down to specific audience behaviour across their previous online habits. Twinned with the masses of data your pay per click campaign will return, your targeting can be perfected – and your results along with it.

Accelerated brand awareness

Brand awareness is the key to consumer trust – the more prominently you feature, the more likely it is that you appear as experts and a ‘go-to’ name for your potential customers.

PPC marketing is for more than just selling your services and products – if you want to establish yourself as an authority or leading name in your industry, our PPC London team can create campaigns designed to do precisely this. Our team of Google pros can ensure any service you choose will drastically improve your online visibility and reputation.

Complementing other channels

Pay per click is the fastest way to drive valuable traffic to your site or landing page, which is why it plays a key part in your overall strategy. While PPC advertising is a powerful method alone – it can also be used to maximise results from your other digital marketing campaigns. As a full-service digital marketing agency – we ensure any advertising service we offer our clients, will benefit their business all-round.

Let’s take content for example – you can use a powerful PPC service to quickly drive the right audience to your blog, which can in turn lead to stronger results from your content campaign.

Our team based in London can establish how to use PPC to boost results from all digital marketing areas – including conversion rate optimisation, content, SEO And more. Using the right channel mix can place your product or service in front of the right users and show your target audience that you’re experts in your industry!

more control

Our PPC agency in London value transparency when working with clients. That is why our team of PPC experts will provide you with a sense of control when it comes to your digital marketing activities. Pay per click offers exactly that – high levels of control over your keywords, audience and ad placements. You decide who you want to target and how restrictive you want to be.

You also have budget flexibility in the sense that you can set your own ad budget and bids, and choose how much you’re willing to pay for each click. During a campaign, if you’re driving great results then you can scale up and increase your bids – and vice versa.

Our PPC process

Our first step when creating a PPC campaign is spending time getting to know you, your current marketing activities and your goals.  Once we’ve learnt more about your business, we can look at your audience in terms of their online behaviour, interests and demographics. 

We will conduct an in-depth analysis of what your target customers are searching. Then, we will align this with our PPC management and how we can grow your business. We’ll also analyse what is working for your biggest competitors within their campaigns. These initial steps are essential in the management of any advertising campaign, so that we can create a strategy that works for you.

We are a results-driven agency, meaning we work to ensure our clients are consistently seeing significant results. Whether you’re a start up company or need a PPC audit for an existing campaign – we can help establish the most valuable pay per click service for your brand.  Throughout a campaign, we will optimise your digital strategy to make sure we’re consistently improving performance while gaining value from your budget.

Why choose us as your PPC management agency?

We’ve been managing PPC campaigns since it began as an advertising medium. We’ve worked with a host of businesses who’ve seen our PPC management completely transform their digital marketing and sales activities. Whether you’re taking the tentative first steps into PPC or you need someone to step into an existing campaign and maximise performance, our approach can provide fast, effective results.

As a Google partner agency, the depth of our knowledge and experience means we can secure the very best commercial deals – allowing us to deliver innovative technology and performance with a realistic price tag. We understand customer demographics, and we work with our clients to create campaigns where it really matters.  It’s our priority as a performance agency to give you the best return on investment from your online advertising. Through improved efficiencies in your media, keyword and audience selections, we can deliver strong conversion rates and business results. 

Why use us as your PPC London agency?

  • Expert Knowledge
  • Local & Global Experience
  • Great Communication
  • Innovative Approaches
  • Market Leading Technology

Contact us to see how we can help you or call our London team on 0203 918 6091

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Why is my existing pay per click campaign not performing?

Are you currently running a PPC or paid search campaign and not getting the results you expected? PPC is a complex channel and this could be down to a number of things being wrong with the PPC management. Anything from targeting the wrong keywords or audiences to misplacing your ad spend could be having a knock-on effect on your pay per click results. A PPC campaign requires a combination of expertise and lengthy, in-depth analysis to unlock its full potential.

What is cost per click (CPC)?

CPC or cost per click is a paid advertising term that refers to the amount of money an advertiser will pay each time someone clicks on their ad. The average price you pay is determined by the competitiveness of your keywords, your maximum bids, and your Quality Score.

Why use a PPC agency?

An experienced and results-driven pay per click agency will be able to provide a better standard of service and higher performing ads. A PPC agency can improve your paid search and overall pay per click performance by ensuring that your keywords, strategy and bid management are working together to drive results. Essentially, using a reputable PPC agency can guarantee that your campaigns are going to be optimised and maintained by someone who knows exactly what they are doing.

What is a Google Premier Partner?

Becoming a Google Premier Partner is a badge of authority and expertise. For a digital marketing agency to qualify as a Google Premier Partner, they must show solid PPC management and consistently meet Google’s advertising requirements in three primary areas. These areas are certification, ad spend and performance. If an agency is a certified Google Premier Partner – then they are recognised by Google as being knowledgeable and experienced. As a Google partner you will know how to optimise and work on a campaign to give clients the best possible return on investment (ROl).

Can I use PPC to reach new audiences?

Will you reach a wider audience with PPC? Absolutely! Pay per click allows us to show highly relevant ads to new audiences immediately by using the right keyword targeting, ad copy and landing pages. When working with our PPC agency in London – you are not strictly limited to Google advertising as PPC is also available through Bing and social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This means you can reach the right users on the most suitable platforms.

How effective is pay per click?

Pay per click is a highly effective digital marketing channel – as long as a campaign is paired with the right strategy, research, PPC management and split testing. PPC is one of the most popular advertising methods for a reason – because it’s a highly profitable service that can produce fast but long-lasting results for both small and large businesses!

can ppc work with seo?

SEO is a digital marketing method for increasing a site’s organic traffic through enhanced visibility on SERP and site authority. Improving your organic rankings is generally a time-consuming process – whereas PPC can produce considerably fast results. The two methods are different but they do often share the same goals. The two can be used to complement each others perfomance. For example – with a strong PPC and SEO performance – you could find your site consuming a large portion of search pages.

What is a PPC landing page?

A PPC landing page is the page a user arrives at when visiting your site after clicking a paid ad. It should be highly relevant to the keywords you are bidding on and have a clear CTA (call to action).