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Call 02039186090

A straight-talking digital marketing agency

We deliver measurable results for your business

A straight-talking digital marketing agency

We deliver measurable results for your business

Digital Marketing Agency London

Welcome to Summon®, a digital marketing agency based in London & Glasgow.

We deliver a wide range of digital marketing services including PPC, SEO, Programmatic, Social MediaContent Marketing & CRO. Our clients are based in the UK and abroad, targeting potential customers wherever they are across the globe.

Summon Digital started with the aim of giving clients greater control, visibility & understanding of their digital marketing campaigns, empowering you to make the best decisions with your marketing budget.

We firmly believe in full transparency of information, dedication & hard work as well as a commitment to educating our clients along the way. With this approach, we can help you master your digital presence and deliver results for your business.

Call us for more info: 0203 918 6091

Call us for more info: 0203 918 6091

Do you want to fast-track your brand into your marketplace? Our PPC experience enables us to keep up with search engine developments and understand which terms will bring you valuable site traffic. Our strategies can improve your ROI and complement your overall digital marketing efforts.
Are your potential customers finding your site when they make a relevant online search? Our SEO strategies can ensure your brand will stand out in your marketplace. We know what it takes to help our clients rank higher in organic search – ensuring you won't miss out on valuable clicks and customer conversions.
Are you making the most of your social platforms? We have experience helping brands of all sizes to improve their reputation through paid and organic social campaigns. We know how to post content that potential customers will respond to - whilst using analysis tools to measure your marketing performance on different channels.
Are you displaying your ads to the right audience? We use exceptional targeting based on consumers behaviour, interests and demographics. If a user is a good match and likely to be interested in your product or service – we can target them with personalised ads. We have the experience and tools to produce clear results.
Are your site visitors just browsing, or are they completing your desired action? Whether you want your audience to buy your new product, sign up to your mailing list or perhaps give you a callback – your CRO efforts will determine your success. We know how to turn each site click into a conversion by taking the time to understand your brand and your audience.
Your content shouldn't simply aim to sell – but can build relationships by presenting your brand as honest, reliable and transparent. We can plan, create and share a wide range of visual and written content to improve your authority and reputation in your industry. We know how to create effective on-site and off-site content using multiple formats.
Is your message correct for your audience? We don’t just translate, but we localise your approach and ensure you fit your market. We have gained years of first-hand experience working with global brands, meaning we understand the potential complexities and challenges – putting us in the perfect position to handle your campaigns in another market.
Shopping ads allow you to promote your products at scale and display up to date information. We help you set up, manage and optimise your shopping feeds lists – ensuring your products will be noticed by an audience who fit your customer profile. We have years of experience managing Google & Bing ads – with the aim of enhancing your brand.


  • Great service – highly recommended

    I’ve worked with them on several projects – and they’ve been great; I’d definitely use them again and again, and have (and will continue) to recommend them to others. Very knowledgeable, well connected and easy to deal with.

    Mark Yemm
    Head of Special Projects, Lumo/Vertical Aeorspace
  • Since Summon took over the account we have seen a positive impact on conversion rate and all PPC metrics. They are great at talking through optimisation and keep us up to date with all new technology. Our display campaigns are also much more granular, targeting the right consumer at the right stage of their journey.

    Vickie Metcalfe
    Digital & Website Manager, Mark Warner
  • Summon are a true partner

    Paul and team have gone above and beyond to listen to and interpret our needs around paid and organic search, and are always responsive, professional and collaborative

    Erinn Collier
    Co Founder & CRO, Just 3 Things
  • Very quick responses whenever I need assistance. Smart viewpoints brought to my attention which has enabled me to increase market share in the industry I operate. Highly recommended!

    Laurie MacKay
    Founder, National Mobile Bars
  • We are delighted with the contribution from the team, thorough, great communication and most importantly vastly improved results. The reports provide clear analysis of activity and have allowed us to better analyse our marketing approach as a whole and prioritise budgets to deliver the maximum return

    Nigel Borg Cardona
    Owner, Chevron Air Holidays
  • Reliable & efficient service
    Paul and the team are reliable and efficient with their management, always reporting and ensuring we’re optimising on our accounts.

    Esme Rice
    Marketing Manager. The GOAT Agency

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