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As a PPC marketer, without the right tools, it can become difficult to track conversions, measure the right metrics, track conversions and measure ROI etc, in a time-effective way. Instead of spending hours trying to put together your own reports from scratch and crawl through multiple campaigns, it is often best to use a tool to assist with and simplify the process. You need to...
Keywords are used to determine which searches will trigger your pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Having a solid understanding of how keyword bidding works will help you to reach your target audience and move closer towards your PPC marketing goals. For smaller businesses or brands with a very niche audience, being visible for the wrong search terms could mean quickly running out of budget. That is why...
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The ultimate goal of PPC ad copy is to show prospects that your product or service can provide the best solution to a specific pain point. Much of your return on investment when it comes to PPC can be influenced by your ad copy, so it’s important to get it right.  One way to write relevant ad copy that contributes to an improved ROI is...
What are our top 7 digital marketing tools? Using specialised digital marketing tools can help you execute a solid strategy. The right combination of tools will help you zoom past the competition and stand out in your marketplace. We’re going to take a look at some of our favourite specialised tools, including performance trackers, reporting tools and social media scheduling platforms. We think that every digital...
Learn how to create your brand voice Establishing a unique brand voice is key to any successful content marketing campaign. Each piece of content you share, whether it’s a blog, a Facebook status or even an email, should adhere to a specific voice and tone. We’re going to take a look at: What a brand voice meansHow a brand voice and benefit an online businessHow...
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