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PPC is an increasingly competitive channel, and to get the most of your ad budget, keeping up with trends is essential.  New PPC trends are emerging all the time, and it can be difficult to identify the ones that are worth prioritising.  So to save you the hassle, we’ve highlighted some key trends that will be worth keeping up with in 2023, starting with automation....
When creating a digital marketing strategy, you will need to consider the power of link-building and how it can supercharge a campaign. It’s likely you’ve heard a lot about link-building when it comes to SEO, but there is also a strong and important connection between link building and PPC marketing. We are going to explore the relationship between link-building and PPC, and how you can...
First-party data is, in short, a type of data or information you collect from your own sources, instead of someone else’s. This data is generally collected through your owned digital channels, which can make it more reliable, and issue-free in terms of privacy rights and complaints. With an increase in automation within PPC marketing campaigns, we can also use first-party data to ‘feed’ machine learning....
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Whilst automation can simplify PPC campaign management, save marketers time, improve measurement capabilities and more, there are some potential downfalls, but only if it is not managed properly. A mistake that PPC marketers make is becoming overly dependent on automation; which could in turn minimise results and profit.  We’re going to highlight some of the major ‘dangers’ of relying on PPC automation as it peaks...
Pay per click is an ever-changing and developing channel, with one key upcoming change being the loss of the third-party cookie. Third-party cookies will soon be retiring across online marketing channels, so it’s important that advertisers are ready for the change. For a number of years, brands of all sizes have been using third-party cookies to track website visitors, improve user experience, and collect important...
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