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Your business can benefit from using social media as it brings you closer to your customers and prospects. You can make more valuable connections and communicate directly with customers, as well as keeping on top of trending topics to help you speak to your audience more effectively. It’s becoming one of the major tools that can help you improve your overall brand reputation.  The social...
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Keyword research is essential if you want to ensure users will click on your site when they do a relevant search. The right tools can provide insights about your target market – including what words they’re searching for and how they’re searching for your content, product or service. Here, I’ll outline some of the main keyword research tools that we use as a digital marketing...
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Google Ads
Our current take on the change You might have read our blog earlier this year on the removal of average position. The change is finally going to come into place in under a month. With this being one of the most fundamental metrics in PPC – it comes as no surprise that this announcement from Google Ads raised some concern for us and others in...
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How do you know where to start when looking for a digital marketing agency to work with? Perhaps you’re hoping to increase your social media following and audience engagement? Or, build a content marketing plan to drive more conversions on your website? No matter what your main goal is, there will be a digital marketing agency that is right for you. We realise it can...
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Search Ads 360
Previously known as DoubleClick Search, Search Ads 360 (SA360) is Google’s advanced search management platform – designed to make it easier for businesses to manage their PPC campaigns across multiple media channels, ad accounts and search engines. There are a variety of benefits you’ll notice when using Search Ads 360. When used effectively it will improve the overall performance of your ad campaigns, whilst being...
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