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Google News Report
On January 12, Google Search Console launched Google News performance reporting. The new tool is designed to help news publishers measure the performance of their content more accurately. Publishers will be able to analyse user behaviour on Google News as well as iOS and Android Google News apps. How to access your performance report You can access your performance report through Google Search Console by...
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Taking photo of food
When looking for a new product online – where do most people browse? Besides retail sites, a lot of consumers seek advice from online ‘influencers’ or bloggers. An influencer is somebody who is well known online and has a large fan base. Usually, an influencer or blogger will specialise in something. For example, fitness, fashion or food. Consumers are aware that most big brands and retail...
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Lady laughing while using laptop
User engagement refers to how visitors navigate your site and respond to your content and call to actions (CTA’s). A good level of user engagement is key to both a strong website and an impressive conversion rate. When users land on your site – you’ll want them to view your content, interact with things like videos and forms, and effortlessly follow your CTA’s. These are...
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Mouse clicking
Click-through-rate (CTR) is an important metric for PPC advertisers and search engines. As a digital marketing agency – we use CTR as a metric to gauge how well things like keywords, ads and product listings are performing.A high click-through rate means more money for search engines and generally, more revenue for businesses. If your ad is being clicked on at a higher rate than your...
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Facebook Pages New Design
Facebook Pages has become a popular marketing tool for many companies. In a survey conducted by Facebook – they found that 2/3 of Facebook users worldwide visit the Page of a local business at least once a week.  This week, Facebook announced they would be rolling out their new design which includes new features for businesses and digital marketers to use to meet their goals. We’ve had a...
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