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What are our top 7 digital marketing tools? Using specialised digital marketing tools can help you execute a solid strategy. The right combination of tools will help you zoom past the competition and stand out in your marketplace. We’re going to take a look at some of our favourite specialised tools, including performance trackers, reporting tools and social media scheduling platforms. We think that every digital...
Learn how to create your brand voice Establishing a unique brand voice is key to any successful content marketing campaign. Each piece of content you share, whether it’s a blog, a Facebook status or even an email, should adhere to a specific voice and tone. We’re going to take a look at: What a brand voice meansHow a brand voice and benefit an online businessHow...
Learn how to spot gaps in your content If you haven’t noticed an increase in engagement or search engine performance for some time, it’s time to do a content gap analysis for SEO. A gap analysis is a way of spotting any missed opportunities or poor performance areas in your content and SEO strategy. It’s a way of helping you develop strategic ideas that will...
Reach out to more mobile users Most shoppers are likely to use mobile devices to search for new products (which comes as no surprise) but means we should be adapting our PPC campaigns as a result. You might have read our previous guide on how to optimise a landing page for conversions. Today, we’re going to focus on PPC mobile landing pages. We’re going to...
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What are content KPIs? KPIs (key performance indicators) and the right tracking tools are essential to your content marketing success. Like with any digital campaign, it will be almost impossible to make significant improvements if you can’t measure performance. There are KPIs that are relevant to different stages of the marketing funnel, from the awareness stage through to the point of purchase: Each piece of...
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