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Link Building Services London

What is Link Building?

The method Google uses to decide where you should rank for any given search term is based around an algorithm that considers over 200 factors, or ‘signals’, from your website. Hyperlinks that connect to your page from elsewhere are one of the most significant of these factors – so getting the link building part of your SEO strategy right is essential.

That, in a nutshell, is what a link building service should do – but ask a few opinions in the digital industry, and you’re likely to find someone who considers link building as an outdated or slightly dubious way of improving your site’s performance. Like a significant number of other digital marketing strategies; link building can be done well – but it can sometimes be done poorly.

This is because attracting links to your site is easy. They can be bought cheaply, leaving your page link sitting alongside thousands of other cheaply marketed sites. Years ago, this may have worked – but now, it’s a practice that’s likely to see your site penalised rather than rewarded. 

At Summon, we make sure we do link building the right way. We’ll help you to make the most of your content to generate real interest – and real interest creates genuine high-quality links from the right kind of sites. These are the links that can make an enormous difference to your search engine visibility – but they’re not easily found!

  • How can you decide where your ideal links would come from?
  • What type of content are industry-leading sites and individuals looking to link to?
  • How do you make sure the right kind of people are aware of your site?

Our digital marketing team know the answers to the vital link building questions – and we know what to do to make link building an impactful and lasting part of your digital marketing campaign so that you receive direct results and better SEO.

The benefits of Link Building

When done correctly, link building can have a quick and significant impact on your site’s performance – but what is it that makes link building so powerful?

Bring real traffic

Audience numbers don’t necessarily equate to significant traffic volumes – but with a well thought-through link building strategy, you can make sure that your link is placed amongst the kind of traffic that will see real value in your site, your products and your services. It’s easy to find big audiences – but smart link building will find passionate and focused traffic.

Build relationships

Reaching out to and speaking with the right kind of people who’ll promote and advocate for your brand, service or site is a crucial component in link building. When we do, the benefits are two-fold; you find people who’ll potentially link to your content – and you create stable working relationships with people who are key-influencers and authority resources in your industry. As the old saying goes – it’s not what you know, but who you know.

Create a positive brand image

The best brands are the ones people consider to be the absolute pinnacle of knowledge in their industry. When you back your link building with the creation of informative and authoritative content, you put yourself on this same pedestal – therefore making your site a more attractive prospect for the people who might link – and the traffic those links will attract.

Meet those important search engine signals

When the activity surrounding link building grows, as a result, your website’s metrics and activity will match those ‘signals’ that search engines look for. You’re an authority, so the links are coming, the traffic is flowing – and that traffic is exactly acting as it should when it hits your site; exploring, spending time on pages, converting. When you fulfil a need for your traffic, search engines recognise that you’re an essential resource – and as a result your rank will reflect this.

Our Link Building services

What kind of benefits can you reasonably expect to see from a well-managed link building SEO campaign?


Link Audits

Understanding how your link profile is currently working for your site is important – but also understanding any potentially adverse effect that now outdated practices could be causing. So here at Summon, we dig deep – and make sure you’re starting from the very best place.

Content marketing

Content forms the bedrock of any marketing campaign – and therefore link building is no different. We’ll help you maximise what you’ve got – and suggest areas where your campaign and overall brand might benefit from additional content, including blogging, page copy, infographics, video, images and other valuable resources.


We don’t have lists of sites ready to pitch ideas to – we work with the specifics of your business to step out into the wider world with a sense of precisely what we’re looking for from an outreach collaboration. We find the right people and sites – before developing relationships that work for you.

Measuring results

Link building isn’t a one-shot deal – we’ll create and maintain a natural backlink profile for your site, and you’ll have access to our transparent campaign analysis – making sure you’re 100% happy with every step we take.

Our process

What will it look like to work with Summon to improve your SEO link building strategy?

We always start with an understanding of your aims. How would you like your business to grow? What are your digital marketing goals? What are you doing already? Of course, we don’t expect everyone to have detailed answers or understand what’s possible, so we’re happy to discuss the kind of approaches and results that we have delivered for other clients.

When we’ve established what you’d like to achieve, we’ll begin by creating an ‘ideal’ profile of the type of site that could deliver the results we’re hoping for. We want to understand the kind of sites that fit the bill so that we can look at what they currently link to, the people making the decisions there and how we can begin building a relationship as a result.

We’ll also look at the content you currently have and what you create going forward – maximising your current assets and making them as appealing as possible for potential sites who are looking for high-quality information to link to.

When these things come together, it gives us solid foundations for a link building campaign that will deliver the SEO results you’re looking for.

Why work with us?

There are plenty of services and digital marketing agencies that will offer link building services – so why use Summon?

We think our professionalism and depth of knowledge set us apart from virtually every other link building service you’ll find. There’s an incredible amount of work that underpins a successful link building campaign – and as a client, you might not realise that corners have been cut until it’s too late.

We don’t cut corners, but we do create link building strategies that stand the test of time. Also, we deliver real results that extend way beyond seeing your site mentioned in impressive places.

The difference is there when you pick up the phone too; you’re not just another client to us – you’re a working partner whose business and goals we understand. We work hard to make sure we create the kind of business benefits that make you stick around. Feel free to drop us an email or call to get in touch with someone from our London based team. 

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    • Great service – highly recommended

      I’ve worked with them on several projects – and they’ve been great; I’d definitely use them again and again, and have (and will continue) to recommend them to others. Very knowledgeable, well connected and easy to deal with.

      Mark Yemm
      Head of Special Projects, Lumo/Vertical Aeorspace
    • Since Summon took over the account we have seen a positive impact on conversion rate and all PPC metrics. They are great at talking through optimisation and keep us up to date with all new technology. Our display campaigns are also much more granular, targeting the right consumer at the right stage of their journey.

      Vickie Metcalfe
      Digital & Website Manager, Mark Warner
    • Summon are a true partner

      Paul and team have gone above and beyond to listen to and interpret our needs around paid and organic search, and are always responsive, professional and collaborative

      Erinn Collier
      Co Founder & CRO, Just 3 Things
    • Very quick responses whenever I need assistance. Smart viewpoints brought to my attention which has enabled me to increase market share in the industry I operate. Highly recommended!

      Laurie MacKay
      Founder, National Mobile Bars
    • We are delighted with the contribution from the team, thorough, great communication and most importantly vastly improved results. The reports provide clear analysis of activity and have allowed us to better analyse our marketing approach as a whole and prioritise budgets to deliver the maximum return

      Nigel Borg Cardona
      Owner, Chevron Air Holidays
    • Reliable & efficient service
      Paul and the team are reliable and efficient with their management, always reporting and ensuring we’re optimising on our accounts.

      Esme Rice
      Marketing Manager. The GOAT Agency
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