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Amazon Sponsored Ads

Reach out to users with high intent to purchase 

Amazon PPC Agency London

Sponsored ads allow advertisers to reach out to customers on Amazon while they’re actively searching online. If you’re an online retailer wanting to place your product in front of the right audience – Amazon PPC advertising could be the ideal solution for your business.

  • How does Amazon PPC work?
  • How can you identify your target audience on Amazon?
  • What are the most relevant product categories and keywords?

With the competition rising each day on Amazon, we can help you stand out and drive maximum sales through PPC.

The benefits of working with our PPC agency?

We know Amazon is a popular platform, and a ‘g0-to’ for many buyers, but what are the primary benefits of Amazon PPC marketing?

Budget control

Amazon ads work on a cost per click (CPC) basis – meaning you will only pay when a user clicks on your ad. Depending on your
digital marketing budget, you can decide on a set amount to pay per click. With the highly advanced targeting features offered by Amazon – this means you’ll avoid wasting budget on a click that doesn’t drive results.

Increased Sales

You will be reaching out to people who are searching specifically for what you are selling – meaning it’s likely they will visit your product page and convert. It’s likely that you’ll be reaching out to users with high intent to purchase – which is a great opportunity to promote the benefits of your product in one, clear ad.

Meet your goals

Although Amazon is a product-based platform – you can still make use of its advertising features to reach different objectives. For example, display ads can be used by small and large businesses to raise awareness, drive valuable site traffic, tell your brand story or promote a specific group of products.

Our London based Amazon PPC services

Our London digital agency will work with you to establish which of your products will benefit from Amazon advertising and which keywords will help you to reach your target audience. Amazon offers more than one ad type, so what can you expect when working with Summon on your next PPC campaign?


Sponsored Products

We can help you to determine the most relevant keywords to your target audience and how much you should be paying for clicks. This is an effective Amazon PPC method if you want to promote an individual product – which might be a new launch or just something that you want to push sales for. We will work with you to ensure your product are trigged by the most relevant search queries. These can be used on desktop and mobile so we will optimise for both.

Sponsored Brands

Previously known as Headline Search Ads. These are keyword-targeted ads that allow you to provide your own headline, logo and up to three products. If your marketing objective is brand awareness raising, then we’d usually recommend this ad type. You can choose whether to link back to your website through the ad, or to your landing page on Amazon.

Product Display Ads

These are the newest form of Amazon PPC advertising. Your ads will be triggered depending on a user’s customer profile. Our London team can use a combination of specialist tools and in-depth research to gather data about your user’s interests, online search and shopping behaviour and the type of product they are likely to purchase. We recommend sending users directly to your product page once they click – as it’s likely they are ready to purchase.

Our Amazon Advertising process

We always take the time to get to know your brand and your digital marketing goals before diving into a marketing campaign. Once we know more about your company and how you want to transform your online presence – we will work closely with you to research the most relevant keywords to lead you towards your target customers. We’ll also find out about your products and match them to the most suitable product category on Amazon – to ensure that your ads are appearing within the right search results.

We will also determine which type of ad will benefit your business the most. Sponsored product ads are listed within the main search results, which is why they are a popular method for advertisers. However, depending on your audience and your aims – you might benefit a different ad type. For example, sponsored brand ads appear above search results and allow you to add multiple product listings in one ad. If you want to drive brand awareness, then this might be a better option for you.

Amazon offers both manual and automatic campaigns – we can work with you to establish what KPI’s are most important to your business and choose the right campaign type for you. 

Why work with us?

Our London team have been managing different PPC campaigns since it began as an advertising medium. We’ve worked with small and larger business to reach their digital marketing goals and transform their online presence.

We understand that each company is at a different stage of PPC – so whether you’re just getting started or you have existing campaigns that need optimising, we’re an agency that can offer real results. We can help you to establish exactly where your target audience are ‘hanging out’ online and more importantly, what they’re searching on Amazon!

It’s no real surprise that Amazon PPC has become such a powerful tool for many businesses. It’s a product-based platform and is ideal for driving sales and conversions. However, here at Summon, we create PPC campaigns that can create long-lasting relationships with your target audience and ensure they’re using your service more than once.

With more sellers adding Amazon PPC to their paid marketing strategy – our London agency can help you to stay ahead of your biggest digital marketing competitors and put your products in front of the right people, at the right time. When working with us, we’re only ever a call or email away – so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Why choose us for your Amazon PPC management?

  • Expert Knowledge
  • Local & Global Experience
  • Great Communication
  • Innovative Approaches
  • Market Leading Technology


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    • Great service – highly recommended

      I’ve worked with them on several projects – and they’ve been great; I’d definitely use them again and again, and have (and will continue) to recommend them to others. Very knowledgeable, well connected and easy to deal with.

      Mark Yemm
      Head of Special Projects, Lumo/Vertical Aeorspace
    • Since Summon took over the account we have seen a positive impact on conversion rate and all PPC metrics. They are great at talking through optimisation and keep us up to date with all new technology. Our display campaigns are also much more granular, targeting the right consumer at the right stage of their journey.

      Vickie Metcalfe
      Digital & Website Manager, Mark Warner
    • Summon are a true partner

      Paul and team have gone above and beyond to listen to and interpret our needs around paid and organic search, and are always responsive, professional and collaborative

      Erinn Collier
      Co Founder & CRO, Just 3 Things
    • Very quick responses whenever I need assistance. Smart viewpoints brought to my attention which has enabled me to increase market share in the industry I operate. Highly recommended!

      Laurie MacKay
      Founder, National Mobile Bars
    • We are delighted with the contribution from the team, thorough, great communication and most importantly vastly improved results. The reports provide clear analysis of activity and have allowed us to better analyse our marketing approach as a whole and prioritise budgets to deliver the maximum return

      Nigel Borg Cardona
      Owner, Chevron Air Holidays
    • Reliable & efficient service
      Paul and the team are reliable and efficient with their management, always reporting and ensuring we’re optimising on our accounts.

      Esme Rice
      Marketing Manager. The GOAT Agency