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What are Shopping Ads?

Are you a retailer with a large inventory of products? Google Shopping Ads are an essential part of your PPC strategy if you want to promote your products at scale, while keeping all of your information accurate and up to date.

Shopping Ads allow you to advertise your product with images and live pricing. These ads are different from your standard search text ads. Google Merchant Center and Google/Bing Ads are both platforms which power Shopping Ads. Google Merchant Center allows you to store all the latest information on your products such as price, offers, descriptions and materials, helping you to present all of your inventory to the world. Using this information, through Google/Bing Ads you can create and manage Shopping campaigns, which simplifies the process of ad creation and targeting.

Here at Summon, we know how to help you improve your business performance and show the right products to maximise your return on investment. 

The benefits of Shopping Ads

If you have an ecommerce business with a large inventory, you’ll realise that Shopping Ads are a valuable tool for promoting your products as part of any PPC campaign. It’s recognised as a great way to get visibility of a product in front of key audiences. Here are some of the key benefits of Shopping Ads:

Increased Traffic

Using Google Shopping Ads is proven to help you attract more potential buyers. You can quickly deliver relevant ads at scale to those who are searching for products you offer. Many businesses experience higher clickthrough rates using Google Shopping in comparison to standard text ads as a result of the more impactful format and prominence of the ads.

Qualified Effect

Would you buy a product you had never seen? The chances are you wouldn’t. For this reason Google Ads can give you that extra edge, as each click has come from someone who has seen your product and price and wants to know more. They’ve qualified themselves as being interested, which reflects in conversion rates. On the flip side, those who have seen your product picture or price and feel the product is not for them don’t tend to click, saving your valuable advertising budget for those more likely to convert.

Extended Presence

Google Shopping is an engine in itself, so if you don’t take part you’re leaving this space to the competition. Not only this, Google Shopping Ads are not limited to just one listing per advertiser like you are with text ads. You can show multiple products on a single user search, increasing the exposure of your products and brand to those who have shown an interest in what you offer, whilst getting ahead of your competition.

High Quality Reporting

With Google Shopping campaigns you can see your performance data by product. Performance metrics are associated with each line item in your inventory, so you can segment and filter data by your products as well as product attributes. This helps you analyse performance to a highly granular level, providing important insight which can inform your bid decisions and budget allocation.

Increased ROI

The benefits of using Google Shopping are highlighted above, but ultimately you want to use this platform to increase your return on investment. For many retailers, Google Shopping is one of the key drivers of sales revenue due to its scalability, reach & high relevance.

Our Shopping Ads service

At Summon we can help you create your Merchant account by registering your email address as well as registering your website domain with the Merchant Center.

Setting Up Shopping Campaigns

Setting up a Google Shopping ad is quite different from a PPC text ad. Text ads contain campaigns and ad groups as well as keyword lists and ads. Shopping ads are highly automated, so the structure is much more reliant on the feed which must contain:

The title of your product: This is the name you give to your product.

Brand: You need to specify the name of the brand – whether your own or if you are re-selling another brand.

A link to an image of your product.

The description: A text description of your product that customers will see when they click on your ad.

Your product type: Which you will decide.

Your product category: Which you’ll choose from a predefined list of categories provided by Google.

A link to the item page on your website.

Availability status: Whether the item is in stock.


Custom labels: You can also add up to 5 custom labels which might be useful for you to segment e.g. bestsellers or offers.

At Summon we will help you set up, manage and optimise your Shopping feeds lists, with the ultimate aim of helping you be more successful by connecting your products with those looking for exactly what you offer.


Your bid and your feed are essential elements of your Shopping campaign as they determine whether your ads will show up for a query as well as the profitability of your campaign. Therefore, at Summon we curate your bid strategies by using in-depth analysis of what’s delivering a strong return and what isn’t, focussing your budget on the areas that are going to deliver more business.

Optimisation and monitoring

We ensure optimal performance through rigorous testing and in-depth reporting, ensuring you are clear on how your campaigns are performing to a very granular level. We show you the data and explain the actions we plan to take based on our analysis of the data, so everyone is clear what’s being tested and why.

Our process

So how can we help you get the full benefit of this opportunity? At Summon we have vast experience of working with large retail clients with complicated feed structures, so we are in a good place to help you make the most of yours.

With Shopping it’s not really one size fits all, we help you produce a feed which delivers for your business and helps you meet your goals. We can then adapt the feed to showcase the right products to potential customers and maximise your ROI.

Why work with us?

We have been managing Google Shopping ads for clients for several years now, so we can share our experience and enhance your business performance. We help you ensure your activity is delivering increased revenue and profit.

Whether is your first step into Google Shopping, or if you already have a current campaign that you need someone to maximise, Summon is here for you.

If you have any questions drop us an email or give us a call. We would be delighted to chat to you about Google Shopping. We promise not to confuse you with technical jargon

Why work with us?

If you want to get started with Google Shopping but you’re not sure where to start – we can take the weight off your shoulders. Our knowledge and experience ranges from creating new campaigns, building product feeds and optimising existing accounts. We have years of experience setting up and optimising Google shopping feeds and can help your business increase revenue through this channel.

On top of our experience, we will make sure to provide you with full transparency throughout your campaign or project. When working with us, your business goals and values will remain at the forefront of our campaign. 


Our Shopping Ads process

Are you taking your first steps into Google Shopping or do you have an existing campaign that needs optimising? We will help you create everything you need – from a Google Merchant Center account and Google Ads account, to your product feed.

We will spend time getting to know your business, goals and priorities and then create a campaign that will drive results and sales. It’s our priority to make sure your product feed is fully optimised and meets all of Google’s requirement. We will offer specialist product and shopping feed optimisation to ensure your Shopping ads are being placed in front of the right customers, at the right time.



Reason customers come to Summon for Google Shopping

  • Strong Feed Optimisation Experience
  • Tech-Managed Bid Optimisation
  • Advice on Custom Labelling
  • In-Depth Reporting

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      I’ve worked with them on several projects – and they’ve been great; I’d definitely use them again and again, and have (and will continue) to recommend them to others. Very knowledgeable, well connected and easy to deal with.

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    • Since Summon took over the account we have seen a positive impact on conversion rate and all PPC metrics. They are great at talking through optimisation and keep us up to date with all new technology. Our display campaigns are also much more granular, targeting the right consumer at the right stage of their journey.

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      Paul and team have gone above and beyond to listen to and interpret our needs around paid and organic search, and are always responsive, professional and collaborative

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    • We are delighted with the contribution from the team, thorough, great communication and most importantly vastly improved results. The reports provide clear analysis of activity and have allowed us to better analyse our marketing approach as a whole and prioritise budgets to deliver the maximum return

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    • Reliable & efficient service
      Paul and the team are reliable and efficient with their management, always reporting and ensuring we’re optimising on our accounts.

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