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Why is my PPC ad copy not performing?

The ultimate goal of PPC ad copy is to show prospects that your product or service can provide the best solution to a specific pain point. Much of your return on investment when it comes to PPC can be influenced by your ad copy, so it’s important to get it right. 

One way to write relevant ad copy that contributes to an improved ROI is by mirroring your audience’s goals – therefore encouraging them to click. This requires shifting focus toward your target audience and thinking from a visitor’s perspective. 

There are a number of best practices that you’ll likely come across when looking into improving the quality of your ad copy. We’re going to guide you through our go-to top tips to help your PPC campaigns achieve the results that really matter to your business. 

The customer journey is key

 Not every user that comes across your ad will be at the same stage in the buying process – and as a PPC marketer, it’s essential to pay attention to the different stages of the customer journey.

This means making sure your ads are targeting a specific user, for example, this could be somebody ready to make a purchase, someone looking to switch, or somebody who is simply exploring their options.

If you’re targeting users who are further down the marketing funnel and ready to convert – it’s worth highlighting any special offers that may set you apart from competitors offering a similar product or service.

This could be free delivery, next-day delivery, a discount code or even high quality. If a product is easier to purchase – i.e., through faster delivery, it’s more likely a consumer will choose your brand over another. 

Remember to make sure your landing page reflects what is suggested in the ad copy. It’s important that the landing page is interesting enough to encourage the user to go a step further in their buying journey (i.e., make a purchase). 

Quality v quantity

As you’ll be paying per click – the main objective is to get clicks from people with the intent to purchase – rather than just getting as many clicks as possible. This, as mentioned above, means thinking carefully about who you are targeting when writing PPC ad copy. To ensure you’re targeting the right person, we would recommend making buyer personas.

You can do this by creating your ideal customer in terms of their search habits, hobbies, interests, demographics, etc. Whether you’re a small or larger businesses, speaking directly to one customer persona can help to make your ad copy more personable. 

This is one way to ensure your PPC ad is being clicked by people who are ready to purchase or match your target buyer profile.

Be clear on pricing

Most of the time, potential buyers will already have a rough idea of much they are willing to spend on a product or service. Whilst you may worry that stating the price of a product will turn customers away – this is in fact the best way to ensure the people clicking on your ad are genuinely likely to buy.

Search engine users will compare pricing before clicking, so by being transparent about the cost of your product or service, you are saving the customer time – and avoiding wasting money on an irrelevant click.

Highlight your unique selling point

This may sound obvious, but when it comes to PPC ad copy – be sure it is clear what your brand unique selling point (USP) is.

We’d recommend keeping this short and simple – as most search engine users will want to see quickly what they will gain from clicking through to your ad. If you haven’t already – consider what makes your business different and be sure to include this in your ad copy.

Update your landing page if necessary 

Even the best PPC ad copy becomes less effective if there isn’t a landing page to match. If your landing page doesn’t match up to what is stated or suggested in your ad, then it’s very likely that users will simply leave once they click through, increasing your bounce rate. 

 There is no harm in including the same information in your PPC ad copy and your landing page – this is a way to guarantee continuity and make things clear to users. If there is an offer in your ad copy, be sure to make this accessible within your landing page. 

If you think your PPC ad copy is high-quality but you’re still not getting enough results/conversions – it could be down to the landing page. 

If you think your ad copy needs a refresh or you’re unsure why it’s not giving you the ROI you expected – feel free to get in touch.

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